The World’s First Property DNA®

Property DNA® is a transformational enabler technology for the real estate industry. Based on blockchain technology, it eliminates the overwhelming complexity and costs associated with acquiring, operating and selling real estate property.

A $100 Billion Problem

The reason is that property-related information is kept in data silos. Property owners have limited access to it and do not control it. Banks and insurance companies also do not have clear insights into investments and return. Together this adds up to a $100 billion dollar loss.

Immediate Potential

Property DNA® enables you to generate up to 10% more total return by unlocking the true potential of your property.

  • Save Money

    Property DNA® helps to save up to 20% on maintenance and operating cost by benchmarking your property against the market.

  • Increase Earnings

    Property DNA® helps you to identify opportunities to increase your rental income and unlock additional revenue streams.

  • Own Your Data

    Not happy about having to run after data? Property DNA® gives you a place to store and utilise all the vital information about your property.

  • Peace of Mind

    Property DNA® puts you in full control. Everything in one place, always accessible and up to date. Secured by blockchain technology.

  • Sell Better. Faster.

    Get accurate valuations thanks to a trustworthy and proven data layer. Then sell or buy properties faster and more effectively.

  • Take Fewer Risks

    Property DNA® helps you to decide if and when it’s a good time to buy, sell or invest in that renovation that you feel should have been done a long time ago.

Unlock the Future

PROPERTY DNA® is a transformational technology which enables tokenization of real estate and creates entirely new possibilities within the real estate ecosystem.

  • Cryptocurrency

    Start using cryptocurrencies to collect rent and to pay for property-related expenses. Transactions are carried out automatically with the built-in Bitcoin Lightning wallet system.

  • New Business Models

    Take advantage of smart contract automation and innovation to tap into new economies in finance and insurance.

  • Tokenized Ownership

    Turn your PROPERTY DNA® into a true digital asset on the blockchain. This opens up new possibilities like fractional ownership and peer-to peer selling.

The Three Pillars of Property DNA®

  • Bitcoin Lightning

    Property DNA leverages the security of bitcoin and the versatility of the Lightning Network to secure data and transfer value – at scale.

  • Smart Data

    Property data – both static and dynamic- is aggregated in a single, smart data room, creating a single source of truth for the property.

  • Decentralized Control

    The data compiled in every building’s Property DNA is completely controlled by its owner. No data is ever stored in the cloud.

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