First rental profit share payout for Hello World tokenised property

In March 2019, the very first real estate property was brought onto the blockchain in a joint cooperation between blockimmo, Elea Labs and Swiss Crypto Tokens. The 20% investment in the Grabenstrasse 3 building (with its “Hello World” restaurant on the ground floor) was offered to 4 private investors who used the blockimmo platform to invest using the CryptoFranc and based on the property data contained in Elea Labs’s PropertyDNA®.

After the initial token distribution which occurred at the time of investment, the four investors were entitled to a share of the profits from the property’s rental income of the last 2 months (March, April 2019).

Now the first profit-share pay-out has been executed, with the 20% divided among the four investors and distributed to their wallets – with the payments again being denominated in CryptoFrancs (XCHF).

See the transactions executed from the Grabenstrasse 3 distributed registry (smart contract).



The record of this transaction as with all other relevant data will be recorded in the Grabenstrasse 3 PropertyDNA® as part of the “chain of record” for real estate properties.

Want to know more about the PropertyDNA® and what it can mean for the real estate industry?

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