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First rental profit share payout for Hello World tokenised property

In March 2019, the very first real estate property was brought onto the blockchain in a joint cooperation between blockimmo, Elea Labs and Swiss Crypto Tokens. The 20% investment in the Grabenstrasse 3 building (with its “Hello World” restaurant on the ground floor) was offered to 4 private investors who used the blockimmo platform to […]

Why do you need a Property DNA®?

For an industry as old as real estate, some things never change. Land, buildings, buying, selling and repairing. The same elements have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. But some things do change. Today, much more information is collected, stored and used when dealing with real estate properties. And people care about […]

«Hello World» aus dem Crypto Valley: erste Immobilien-Transaktion auf Blockchain

Zug, 1. März 2019. – Die erste Schweizer Immobilie lebt nun auch auf der Blockchain: In Baar ZG wurde die erste Liegenschaft über die Transaktionsplattform von blockimmo tokenisiert – diese basiert auf Blockchain-Technologie. Das Handelsvolumen beträgt rund drei Millionen Franken. «Hello World» erschallt es nun aus der Liegenschaft aus dem Zuger Crypto Valley in die […]

Building Lifetime Customer Value with the Property DNA [Case Study]

Buying, selling — and renting out property is one of the oldest forms of business. And it has continued to this day on an ever-growing scale — with some twists along the way. Now, in today’s digital age, you can find homes listed online, you can even “tour them” via virtual reality and in some places you can even […]

What is the PROPERTY DNA®?

PROPERTY DNA® — what in the world could that be? To get to the answer — first think about this… Buildings are everywhere — we live in them, we work in them, and many of us manage them, in one way or another. In fact, shelter is one of the three basic needs of mankind. But even though we as human […]