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Bitcoin smart contracts lay the foundation for tokenized real property

For people active in the real estate industry, new buzzwords seem to be appearing every day. Many have heard the word “blockchain”. Even more may have heard about “tokenizing real estate”, “smart contracts”, or “fractionalizing real estate”. These buzzwords and catchphrases are used to paint an exciting picture of the future — a future where a farmer […]

Why we will use Bitcoin Lightning for the Property DNA®

Let’s face it — most people in the world today learned about the fantastic innovative capabilities of blockchain technology thanks to one word — bitcoin. But lest you think that this post will turn into some kind of soap-box rant on the incomparable advantages of the “one and only true blockchain” — rest assured — that isn’t the point. When we set out […]

Selling real estate with the Property DNA® [Case Study]

While it may be clear to us what the advantages are of having a PROPERTY DNA® — that might not be true for everyone. For this reason, we present the first in our series of PROPERTY DNA® Case Studies — “The PROPERTY DNA® in Action” to illustrate how we believe it will fundamentally transform the real estate industry. So, […]